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Your Health is Our Priority

Our Response to Covid-19

Having safe meetings and events is our number one priority during this COVID 19 epidemic, so we have  made several adjustments to ensure our space is safe and comfortable for you.

Improved Cleaning Protocols and Safety Practices

    • Staff will frequently wash hands, wear masks, and use gloves when necessary
    • The space is frequently (3 times a day) sanitized according to the CDC guidelines
    • Hand sanitizer is available
    • Masks are available for attendees who forget to bring their own
    • Improved HVAC filtration system
    • Individually wrapped snacks and drinks 
    • Coffee stations spread out instead of in one location

Reduced Capacity – During this social distancing time, we will reduce our capacity to the following to ensure social distancing room layouts:

    • Cincinnati – 30  people
    • Mason – 18 people

If you have any questions, please contact us at 513-421-0318